Avoid these 6 mistakes while planning your next party

Being excited about a party is obvious. When it’s party on one’s mind, all that can be thought of is fun and entertainment. Such a gush can lead to the person committing mistakes in party planning. Here, we have listed the most common mistakes related to party planning so that you can avoid them whenever you plan one!

Ignoring the importance of a guest list:

This is the most common mistake that people commit while planning a party. Party planning is a process full of hassles and not maintaining a guest list only leads to an increased confusion. So, whenever you plan a party, make it a point to maintain a guest list. This will help ensure that you invite everyone you want to attend your party. A guest list provides you a better, systematic party planning.

Guest list
Guest list

An improper judgment of accommodation space:

This happens when you do not maintain a guest list. There is a high probability of misjudging the venue space in the absence of a guest list. As a result, you may choose a wrong venue for your party and either end up with too little or too much space for the event. Therefore, maintaining a guest list can actually help you avoid all such confusions.

Party accomodation
Party accommodation

Misjudgment of food requirement:

This is yet another drawback of not maintaining a proper guest list. Running out of food on an important event can be quite embarrassing. So, all you need to do is double check the number of guests you have invited and the expected number that would attend the party. As an additional advice, you should expect extra guests in order to be on a safer side.


Not providing enough details on the invitation card:

Missing out on details related to venue address, party timing etc can lead to a confusion in your guests. So, you need to make sure that everyone gets the exact venue address. you can do this by mentioning the nearby landmark to help them spot it. Moreover, mentioning the timing of the whole party can help them have a clear idea of the party and its duration.


Sending the party invitations at the wrong time:

Your guests might forget about the party if you send while they may not be able to schedule it in if you send the invitations too late. So, you need to know the right time to send the party invitations. It should neither be too early nor too late.

Right time
Right time

Denying guidance:

Hesitation in asking for help from your near and dear ones while planning a party is yet another mistake that people make. Having a helping hand and the correct guidance can actually help lessen your burden and make the party a well-organized one. Moreover, this would help you enjoy the party rather than being the only one coordinating everything.


Courtesy: Partyvapours


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