Grooming essentials for that perfect look on your D-day!

Normally the would-be brides have a lot of knowledge about the pre-wedding beauty treatments they can opt for so as to look their best self on the wedding day.But when it comes to the grooms, either they are occupied with the wedding preps or are muddled as to what treatments to opt for to look picture perfect on their big day. Here, we have mentioned the list of grooming essentials that are not to be missed out:


Seeking the help of a professional hairstylist well in advance can help you get a more sophisticated look on your wedding day. Doing this a few months before the wedding will give you enough time to see which styles work for you!



It is advisable to schedule an appointment for skin treatments that work on removing fine lines, blemishes, sun tan and other such things that are a hindrance in a glowing skin. These treatments This treatment will leave skin refreshed, nourished and look its best on your D-day. Also, start eating antioxidant-rich foods daily several months before the wedding. Foods such as salmon, berries, salads etc. help soothe and prevent inflammation that often leads to breakouts. Moreover, drinking plenty of water also cleanses the system and clears the skin. Consider getting your mustache trimmed at the right length according to the style you sport. You may even opt for a different style for the glamor quotient. Most importantly, pay special attention to your nose and ear hair so as to look perfectly groomed.

Getting facial hair trimmed
Getting facial hair trimmed


A lot of pictures will be clicked on your big day. Being the groom, you have to be prepared for this picture-taking extravaganza. So, consider scheduling a dentist appointment for a couple of weeks before the event so as to have professional teeth cleaning and whitening.

Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening


Just like the manicure treatments for women, there are plenty of specialized manicures available for men as well. These treatments will ensure your nails are well trimmed and your skin is in a presentable condition.


Chest, back, and stomach:

Who doesn’t wish to look perfectly in shape on such a special day? Months before the wedding, you can either opt for a workout regimen or go for effective non-invasive body aesthetic treatments. These treatments target your trouble areas and help reduce the appearance of cellulite and firm up sagging skin. Also, it is advisable to go for waxing a week or two before the wedding. In case you do not want to get your body parts waxed, you can opt for other painless methods such as laser or electrolyte treatment.

Pre wedding workout regime
Pre-wedding workout regime


A pedicure is completely optional. You may opt for one for that impeccable head to toe look on your big day.


Courtesy: PartyVapours


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