What all does a modern Indian wedding include?

There is an age old saying- “Change is the law of nature.” This applies to every single thing around us. And when it comes to the trends in the Indian wedding, changes are never ending. Let’s have a look at the latest trends in Indian weddings that are being followed religiously!

Destination bachelorette:

This is one of the most interesting parts. Bride and groom to be along with their BFFs decide a destination, pack their bags and are all set to go for separate and exciting bachelorette parties at far away destinations.

Destination bachelorette
Destination bachelorette

Pre-wedding photoshoots:

These photo shoots are all about breathtaking locations, dreamy attires, romantic poses and the perfect clicks. These photoshoots help you tell your own story. Years after your marriage, when you look at these pics, they can make you laugh, cry, scream, smile, howl, and relive the entire journey. Drone photography is the also being loved these days.

Pre wedding photoshoots
Pre-wedding photo shoots

Wedding teasers: 

This is the latest fad among the youths today. Once you are done with all the wedding rituals, you can create a 3-4 minute short film of your big day. You can also add some parts of pre-wedding ceremonies as well as snippets from your honeymoon and add one of your favorite songs in the background for that ever so romantic feel!

Wedding teasers
Wedding teasers

Bling-free bridal attire:

Brides to be today, prefer staying away from those heavy wedding dresses. They prefer such outfits that are comfortable and elegant at the same time. Fulfilling these demands, the designers are bringing lightness to the bridal attires using fine threadwork, cuts, and couching. Also, the choice of colors has seen a significant change. Colors such as blue and green are being preferred instead of varying shades of red.

Bridal attire
Bridal attire

Mehendi with a twist:

Though the weddings and the culture remain intact, modernization has modified everything. Mehendi these days is more artistic and creativity knows no limits. Brides to be can actually get their love stories drawn onto their palms. Latest trends in mehendi include lace glove, portrait style and more.

Lace glove
Lace glove

Classic jewelry:

Women’s love for jewels is inexplicable and when it comes to wedding trousseau, they want everything to be exceptional. Traditional and classic jewelry is eternal and it’s never going to go out of fashion. Some of the most loved pieces of classic jewelry include choker necklace, maang tika, Sita haar and traditional anklet.

Classic jewelry
Classic jewelry

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