Smart tips to save on your big day!

Who doesn’t want their wedding day to be an unforgettable one? But that doesn’t mean they are ready to spend lavishly unless they are a millionaire. As a matter of fact, every couple wants to save on their wedding expenses without compromising style! But how is that even possible? Read on to know how you can have a dream like wedding that too in your budget:

Decide on a budget:

This is the very first step towards saving. Set an upper limit to the budget that you have decided for your wedding. Now, prioritize all the necessary aspects of your wedding. Based on this prioritization, you can actually decide where you can cut on costs.

Budget 2.jpg

Customized wedding invites:

These days you can find a number of online resources that offer free wedding invitation templates for you to customize for your D- day. Couples can make their wedding invitations themselves with customizable templates with the help of printable wedding invitations. These invitations enable them to enter their own wedding details.

Wedding invite template.jpg
Wedding invite template

Shorten your guest list:

You can deflate your reception costs drastically by shortening your guest list. This is because most caterers, restaurants and banquet halls charge per person and when you cut short your guest list, this cost is reduced to a large extent.

Guest list 2.jpg
Guest list

Go for offbeat venues:

You can consider opting for less expensive wedding venues instead of the ones that are obvious choices for others. In other words, rather than a dedicated wedding reception hall or country club you can opt for offbeat locations such as civic gardens or restaurants. Also, if you feel that the area is not equipped to cater a party you can calculate extra costs for bringing in the things required.

Offbeat wedding venues.jpg
Offbeat wedding venues

Drop the idea of sit- down meal:

This is yet another way of saving on your wedding. You can consider a buffet instead of a sit-down meal. You can even opt for drop- off catering wherein the caterer delivers already cooked food and gets it all set up for your guests. Opting for a ​buffet or drop-off catering can help hold down expenses without sacrificing mouthwatering delicacies.

Drop off catering

Buy from bulk stores:

When it comes to wedding decor and serve ware, you can save a significant amount of money. All you have to do is visit bulk stores around you and shop for all your requirements. Shopping in bulk from these stores helps get a ​sizable discount on items like cutlery, napkins, beverages and more.

Bulk stores.jpg
Bulk stores

Offer a limited bar:

Lastly, ​you can save a lot by offering a limited bar. You can consider choosing a series of signature cocktails that use a single type of liquor. Moreover, you can stock a few other bottles based on the wedding party’s preferences.

Limited bar

Courtesy: PartyVapours


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