Hair mistakes that brides-to-be need to avoid!

On your D-day, all eyes would be on you. You would probably be preparing for your big day with a great zeal. Out of all the things that could wrong, the last thing you would want would be your hair to look bad! Isn’t it? No women in this whole world would want to have frizzy, unpresentable hair on such a special day of her life! We are sure, you too! So, let’s have a look at the most common mistakes that brides-to-be make!

Not scheduling the trial:

It is a must to schedule a trial run before your D-day so as to avoid messing up on the final occasion. This helps you to test out different looks and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. This helps your hairdresser to be familiar with your hair and provide you with the best results.

Hair trial
Hair trial

Last minute experiments:

You know what’s wrong with the last minute experiments? They are prone to end up as disasters. Thus you should not even think of experimenting with your hairstyle or length or color just a few days prior to your wedding.

Hair color
Hair color

Opting for an inappropriate hairdo:

Choosing a hairdo that does not align with the day- of style is yet another mistake that bride’s make prior to their wedding. Just as you desire your accessories to compliment your dress, your haircut should also work with your wedding-day style. Being unsure of what will work can land you in trouble.\

Inappropriate hairdo
Inappropriate hairdo

Washing your hair on the wedding day:

Make sure that you do not wash your hair on your wedding day as it can make your hair frizzy and difficult to style. You can wash it a day before your wedding but in that case, avoid using a conditioner. Though conditioners give your hair a smooth texture and shine but if the hair is too soft, it is difficult to work with and can cause the bobby pins to slip out and not hold the style properly.

Washing hair
Washing hair

Using chemicals and heat:

Every bride wants to look perfect on all of her pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies. Similarly, you may also be tempted to apply heat or sprays or other such products to your hair so as to style it. You need to know that all these things can actually make your hair look dull and damaged on your D-day.

Hair styling
Hair styling

Courtesy: PartyVapours


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