5 most stylish wedding band trends for men!

Gone are the days when women engagement rings were hard to choose and men just had a single option of that “flat golden loop”. The modern era jewelry designers have come up with hot, irresistible wedding band designs that you need to know about right away!

Low domed bands:

Low domed bands can be considered as the successors of the domed ones. These bands offer you the desired curvature and impart a more subtle domed appearance. This style is perfect for the men who prefer more of a classic style. Low domed bands are available in a number of metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, platinum etc.

Low domed
Low domed

Sleek platinum bands:

Platinum jewels have been loved a lot ever since their invention. If you desire a sleek wedding band of the finest quality, a platinum band is the best choice for you. The latest trend in platinum bands is the one with a subdued matte finish.


Rose gold bands:

Rose gold is in vogue. These bands are a perfect pick if you desire something unique, yet classic. The fact that this tone of metal is out of the box and flatters all the skin complexions, makes it a favorite amongst all.

Rose gold
Rose gold

Classic bands:

Classic bands are the ones that are lined with gemstones on either side. Classic style is never going to go out of fashion. Also, it is capable of providing that ever so loved romantic appeal. You can choose gemstones as per your choice. You may opt for diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds or any other beauty that you love.


Two-tone bands:

These bands feature two tones and give that perfect timeless look. This is yet another trend that is not likely to go out of style anytime soon. Two-toned bands come in a variety of colors such as gold tone with silver tone or any other such combination that looks hot!

Two- toned
Two- toned

Courtesy: PartyVapours




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