All you need at your next Halloween party

So, you are all set to host your first Halloween party and want to make it an unforgettable one for all your buddies but do not have enough resources to help you. Well, you have landed at the best place! Here’s a list of all that’ll make your Halloween party the perfect kind of scary, spooky and thrilling experience for all your friends.

Creative invites:

Once you have decided the venue, theme and guest list, get creative with the invites that you will be sending out to all your guests. You can either mail these invites or send handmade invites. Spill all your creativity so as to give an idea of what all your friends should expect at your party. You may have a graveyard or a witch castle themed party, so, keeping the respective elements in mind, you can make your invites descriptive enough so that it creates anticipation in your guests.


Scary decorations:

The decoration part again requires your creativity. Depending on your theme, you can use all sorts of scary and spooky decor like cobwebs, zombie shaped dummies,  blood stain impressions, skulls and all that you can think of to scare your guests.

Halloween party decoration
Halloween party decoration

That mood:

The best thing you can do to set that perfect horror mood is to use either UV lighting or as dim lighting as possible. You can also use those neon decors as they are easily visible in UV lights. These glow in the dark decoration elements can help you get those extra points.

Glow in the dark decor
Glow in the dark decor

Unusual menu:

Well, it’s nothing like you have to spend a whole day thinking of unique dishes and drinks to serve your guests. It’s just the same party food with a bit of twist in presentation and names. For instance, you may serve “Killer chicken”, “Spider cupcakes”, “Ghost cakes”, “Bloody punch” and more! Prefer serving red colored drinks to give that exaggerated feel!

Spider cupcakes
Spider cupcakes

Spooky music:

Make sure that you have all sorts of scary sounds playing at the party right from the moment people enter your party. Spooky kind of music is all that’ll add to that horror feel!

Halloween music
Halloween music

Courtesy: PartyVapours



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