5 Proven remedies to remove dark circles before your D-day

No bride in the whole wide world would want to look like a panda on her big day! All the stress from pre-wedding ceremonies and preparations can show up on her face in the form of dull skin, dark circles, acne and more. All these can ruin your big day like nothing else. Though you have those makeup palettes to cover up all that for you, it’s better to go for something that can permanently remove these signs of stress. Here’s a list of the best remedies to get rid of those huge dark circles to look flawless on your special day:

Sleep well:

This is the most effective tip when it comes to treating dark circles. It is said that a person should have 8 hours of sound sleep every day. Change in sleeping habit is the major reason behind the occurrence of dark circles. So, make it a habit to sleep well.

Sleep well
Sleep well

Tea bags:

Yes, tea bags! Don’t throw them away as they can do wonders for your eyes. All you need to do is soak them in cold water. Next, you have to squeeze out the water and place these tea bags on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Once done, wash your eyes with cold water. This remedy is quite effective in removing dark circles so that you look your best self on your big day.

Tea bags
Tea bags

Almond and coconut oil:

Almond and coconut oil when mixed in equal proportions and massaged around the eyes in circular motion, effectively remove the dark circles. You have to let the oil rest on your skin throughout the night and wash it away the next morning. This remedy also helps get rid of eye bags and moisturizes the skin around your eyes.

Almond and coconut oil
Almond and coconut oil

Potato juice:

Potato juice has bleaching properties, so, it can help get rid of dark circles quickly. You have to extract the juice of a potato, soak a clean cotton ball in the potato juice and dab it onto your eyes. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and wash away with cold water. Using this remedy for a few weeks can efficaciously remove those dark circles so that you look impeccable as a bride.

Potato juice
Potato juice

Eat healthily:

It is a no-brainer that eating healthily can keep you away from all sorts of skin problems. Especially when you are trying to get rid of dark circles, you should consider including foods rich in Vitamin K and vitamin C.


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