Rock your D-day avatar with these summer wedding hairdos

A summer wedding can be fun and bothersome at the same time. Especially for the bride who wants to look her impeccable self on this very special day. There are a hell lot of solutions to beat the summer heat and make your D-day avatar an unforgettable one. Everything from summer friendly wedding dresses to light accessories to beautiful and chic hairdos can help make you look mesmerizing. Here are the best of summer wedding hairstyles to rock your special day.

High buns:

No other hairdo can be as easy and relaxing as a high bun hairstyle. A stylish high bun gives you a chic, easy and beachy look. You can even consider pulling your hair together more tightly if you want a classy look.

High bun
High bun

Braids and ponytails:

You can opt for French, fishtail, waterfall, Dutch, milkmaid or any other braid so as to keep hair at bay on hot, sticky summer days. Similarly, you can go for a side swept ponytail. You can add to the beauty of your stylish braid or ponytail with floral or gemstone hair accessories.



This hairdo basically features hair gently pulled back from the face and delicately pinned low down on the neck. Whether you want to go for a classy chignon or a casual one is your choice. You can even consider removing a few strands for that ever so gorgeous beachy effect.

Bridal chignon
Bridal chignon

Wavy hairdo:

All that goes into creating this hairdo is curling up your hair into soft waves and letting them down. You can even go for a side-swept hairdo. You can further beautify your hairdo with the help of a floral crown, glitzy headband, tiara or embellished halo.


Sweeping braid:

If you wish to wear a soft an elegant look on your D-day, you can opt for a sweeping braid paired with soft delicate waves.

Sweeping braid
Sweeping braid

Courtesy: PartyVapours





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