5 Gorgeous prom gown styles that you’ll love!

Proms figure greatly in popular culture and are major events among high school students. It is a celebration for completing their high school and enjoying the last days of school. So, everyone dresses up in the best of their attires and enjoys the event to its fullest. The trends related to prom dresses have evolved over years. Prom dresses are not just restricted to that formal, full-length style. There’s a whole lot of variety in these dresses today. Have a look at the latest trends that will take you by awe.

Illusion gowns:

As the name suggests, these gowns are so designed that they create an illusion and are being loved by all. These gowns let you show off a hint of skin and maintain a sophisticated look at the same time.

Illusion gowns
Illusion gowns

Cold shoulder gowns:

Every girl is going gaga over this style of clothing these days. Also, this style is not just limited to casuals but is making its way into formalwear in a big way. When you want to adorn that elegant and romantic look, you can opt for a cold shoulder or off shoulder gown.

Cold shoulder
Cold shoulder

Asymmetrical hemlines:

This design comes with a twist in the traditional full-length prom gowns. Asymmetrical hemlines are the best choice to opt for when you want a look that is a concoction of the drama of a ball gown and comfort of short dresses.

Asymmetrical hemlines
Asymmetrical hemlines

Side cut-out gowns:

Gone are the days when you just had those formal, full-length gowns to choose from for prom nights. What’s trending today is a style that let you show a little or a lot of skin with those sides or back cut out designs.

Side cut out
Side cut out

Two piece gowns:

This style is meant for the ones who are in love with crop tops. You can team up a classy skirt with an elegant top to create a youthful yet elegant vibe.

Two piece prom gown
Two piece prom gown

Courtesy: PartyVapours



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