6 Skincare tips for your next beach party!

So the summers are here and you would probably be planning a beach trip! When it comes to beach parties, the very first thing that gets everyone worried is protection from scorching heat. Though there’s nothing as refreshing as a beach party but the sun damage is inevitable. Here’s a list of the most effective tips to keep this damage at bay!

Watch out your water intake:

The very first and most important thing when heading out for a beach party is to keep your body hydrated. Also make it a point to include fruits rich in water like watermelon, leafy greens, oranges, apples, etc into your diet.  Adopting this healthy habit can actually keep and provide your body with antioxidants that help protect the skin cells from damage. Also, it’s advisable to drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day.

Keeping your body hydrated
Keeping your body hydrated


Even before you leave for the beach, do not forget to moisturize thoroughly as your skin tends to lose a lot of moisture when exposed to the sun.

Use little or no makeup:

Though it’s best to go for a no makeup look when heading for a beach party, if you still want to, you can opt for mineral makeup. When it comes to makeup, start up by applying the sunscreen at least fifteen to twenty minutes before you step out. Next, moisturize your lips with good quality lip balms and coloring them with shades of soft pink or nude lipstick. Then apply at least two coats of waterproof mascara so as to get that dazzling look and that’s all!

Mineral makeup
Mineral makeup

Choose the correct sunscreen:

It’s advisable to opt for a sunscreen with a high SPF.  However, it’s not the SPF number that matters the most, it’s how often you apply.


Make use of hats and shades:

A large hat would not only help protect the skin on your shoulders and around your neck but will also keep premature aging at bay.  Moreover, oversized sunglasses will provide an extra coverage to your face and a hat and will also protect your eyes from the glare caused due to ocean tides.

Hats and shades
Hats and Shades

Don’t forget facial mists:

Facial mists are meant to calm and soothe your skin in the scorching heat.   When you sweat during prolonged sun exposure, your skin loses important minerals making your skin dull. That’s where facial mists step in. They help compensate for all that loss as they consist of the essential minerals that help keep your skin healthy.

Facial mists
Facial mists

Courtesy: PartyVapours





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