5 Bizzare wedding customs you won’t believe exist!

Weddings around the globe are not just about the grandiose and celebration but also about the age old traditions that are religiously followed by the natives of a country. These customs have certain beliefs related to them and said to bring good luck for the newly married couple. Here are the most unusual rituals from around the world that will surprise you.


Indian weddings are not just known for being glitzy, they have some unusual customs related to them. The weirdest one is that of hiding the groom’s shoes by the bridal party when he takes off his shoes on the way to the altar. The groom’s family is supposed to try and protect the shoes at all costs. However, if the bride’s family succeeds in stealing and hiding his shoes, the groom has to pay to ransom them back.

Indian wedding customs
Indian wedding customs


Here, one of the guests grabs a big bowl during the reception and shouts, “The bride is for sale!”  to everyone present. Thereafter, he puts money in the bowl, passes it on and starts to dance with the bride. Now, everyone who wishes to dance with the bride adds money to the bowl and gets a chance to do so. Theis goes on till the groom wants a go. Eventually, the bride is ‘kidnapped’ and the groom must perform for the guests to get her back.

Hungarian wedding customs
Hungarian wedding customs

Czech Republic:

During the wedding reception, the bride, and the groom are covered in a huge cloth. They are then supposed to share a given bowl of soup. The cloth used to cover them up symbolizes unity and the tradition entirely is meant to show that the bride and the groom are willing to participate equally in their marriage.

Czech wedding customs
Czech wedding customs

South Korea:

This is the weirdest of all the customs on our list. Here, the groom’s friends grab him, steal his shoes and bind his feet during the reception. They then spank the bare soles of his feet with dried Yellow Corvina fish. Doing so is said to strengthen the groom’s vitality and his manliness.

South Korean wedding customs
South Korean wedding customs


In an Italian wedding, the bride and the groom have to perform a number of household chores and come over challenges so as to prove that they are compatible enough to get married. Weirdest of all the customs practiced is the one where the newly married couple has to cut a log in two with a double handle saw after the wedding. This is said to symbolize the couple’s partnership in marriage.

Italian wedding customs
Italian wedding customs

Courtesy: PartyVapours


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