5 Beautiful ways to lighten up your party!

The decoration is an inevitable aspect of a party and the choices for the same are immense. When it comes to outdoor or night parties, decorative lights are loved by all. You may opt for string lights or globe lights or LEDs, the basic idea is to lighten up the party mood. In this article, we have put up a list of the best available options to make your party a magical affair:

Crystal bubble lights:

These crystal bubbles are terrarium candle lights that create a magical, elegant view at your party. These lights look like glowing bubbles in the air. This lighting idea can be used to set that soft, romantic feel to your anniversary party that you plan to have in your garden. The best part about these Terrarium candle lights is that they are not at all costly.

Terrarium candle lights
Terrarium candle lights

Umbrella pendant lights:

This is a brilliant lighting idea for your outdoor party. You just need to a good collection of small size umbrellas, hook the wires up and pull them through the umbrella handles. Once you are done, simply hang these pendants like lights for that ever so gorgeous view at your party.

Umbrella lights
Umbrella lights

Glow in the dark flower pots:

This one is more of an eco-friendly idea. All you need is a few plant pots, dyes, and paint brushes. Paint the flower pots with the colors of your choice and allow them to dry. When it’s done, place these painted pots at the required places. You can actually use these glow in the dark pots to guide your guests through the pathways.

Glow in the dark planters
Umbrella lights

Submersible Floralytes:

Basically, these are waterproof tea lights that can be used to create stunning centerpieces that illuminate from within. These lights accent your floral arrangements once added to clear vases. These floralytes can be made to coordinate with your decor when used in various colors or color changing versions, simply placed in clean jars.

Submersible floralytes
Submersible floralytes

Paper lanterns:

Simplest and the most elegant lighting you can opt for your party. These gorgeous paper lanterns of multiple colors create a magical, fairy-like view up in the air. These lanterns can be bought easily from physical or online stores at reasonable prices and efficaciously use to lighten up your party in an easy manner.

Paper lanterns
Paper lanterns

Use these beautiful party lights to stun your guests at your next party make the event an unforgettable one!

Courtesy: PartyVapours



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