5 Clever tips to engage the guests at your wedding reception!

So your wedding reception venue is all set to amaze the guests. You’ve made sure that everything from the location to decor to seating arrangement is the best! But is it going to entertain your guests whole night long? Well, they surely won’t spend the whole night admiring all the arrangements. You need to make sure that all your guests enjoy themselves throughout the event. Here’s all that you arrange for to make your wedding reception fun and memorable.

Photo booths:

It can be a small two person booth or an open air booth so as to keep people posing and enjoying for hours till you along with your spouse enter the reception. Props such as mustaches, confetti, boxing gloves, bubbles etc can make the photography session more fun. Also, the guests can take away these stills as a wedding favor.

Photo booth
Photo booth

Professional entertainers:

This is yet another clever idea to keep your guests entertained at your wedding reception. Hiring professional live musicians or local high school band, choir or dance troop to perform can light up the event! Live entertainment actually helps set the mood and keep the feeling fun and interactive so as to get all your guests engaged.

Live music
Live music

Games and activities:

Games such as bingo, board and card games are loved by all and are sure to make everyone to have fun everyone. These games and activities actually be an ice breaker for the guests on both sides and make the occasion a memorable one.



This is one of the most common making your guests enjoyed. It involves displaying throwback photos of the bride and groom. Their awkward years or funny childhood moments can actually get the guests talking, laughing, sharing stories and interacting with each other for long.


Food and drinks:

Easiest of all the strategies we would say! Nothing can entertain guests better than mouthwatering delicacies. It’ll keep them entertained and having a great time! You can also consider setting up interactive drink stations or chef stations during cocktail hour so as to get people moving around the room.

Food and drinks
Food and drinks

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