5 Makeup tips to rock your monsoon party look!

So, the monsoons are here and your pluviophile friend has planned to throw a party next weekend. Of all that can bother you, you are most worried about your makeup. After all, it’s a party and you obviously want to look good. But you are also aware of the makeup hazards that one has to face due to the humid climate. Stress no more, because we are here to help. Read on to know how you can eradicate these makeup blunders:

Start up with a primer:

Makeup is likely to get patchy in this humid climate. So, it is advisable to keep the base makeup light. You can use a Primer so as to build a smear proof base. It helps reduce perspiration through the pores, hence avoiding any patchiness and making your makeup last longer.


Replace foundation with a BB cream:

Foundations are a big no-no when getting ready for a monsoon party. Instead, opt for light BB creams for that perfect base for your makeup.

BB creams
BB creams

Opt for cream based products:

It’s advisable to prefer cream-based products over the powdered ones. Go for a creamy blush rather than the regular powdered one. Also, ditch your powdered eyebrow enhancers. Use the pencil ones instead. Doing so will help your makeup last longer.

Cream based products
Cream based products

Gel based eye makeup:

As mentioned earlier, powder based products won’t be able to stay during monsoons. So, the best solution is to use gel based eyeliners and eye shadows. Eye tint is yet another option you can opt for. As g=far as eyelashes are concerned, use a waterproof mascara.

Eye makeup
Eye makeup

Matte lip color:

Shades of pink and brown are the best to wear during monsoons. Also, make sure that the lip color you are using has a matte finish as they tend to stay longer.

Matte lip color
Matte lip color

Follow all these tips and you are all set to rock your friend’s monsoon party!

Courtesy: PartyVapours




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