6 Supercool bridal shower theme ideas you need to know

A bridal shower is an opportunity to shower the bride with all your love and blessings so that she can start a new life happily. Since it is all about pampering the bride, why not plan it around something that she loves the most like cooking or traveling or pets? Here are some of the unique themes you can try to make the bride feel special on this beautiful occasion.

Pajama party themed:

From school life to college years, every girl may have enjoyed pajama parties with her friends. What can be a better way to recollect all those memories than a bridal shower? So, you can actually decorate te entire place with cute girlie things and invite all of the bride’s favorite ladies to a pajama party where everyone arrives in their cutest pajamas.  All of them can bear gifts to pamper the bride. Also, you can make arrangements for manicures, facials, and massages for all your guests so as to make the bridal shower unforgettable.

Pajama party themed
Pajama party themed

Spa themed:

A spa-themed bridal shower would be loved by all. Go for a day out at a spa and enjoy a relaxing and soothing bridal shower. Relieving the bride’s stress related to wedding related preparations, a day at the spa would refresh her and make her feel pampered like nothing else.

Spa themed
Spa themed


This one is for that foodie bride who is ever so ready to munch on this and that! All you need to do is arrange a cooking class for all the guests. You can call in a chef to give a lesson and valuable kitchen tips to all the ladies and especially to the bride.

Culinary themed
Culinary themed

Bar stock themed:

Here, all the guests bring their favorite alcoholic beverages or mixers to help the bride and groom stock their bar. They can even invent a signature drink of their own to present it to everybody at the party.

Stock the bar
Stock the bar

Travel themed:

If the bride is a travel freak, centre the party theme around travel and tourism. use vintage objects like globes, suitcases, cameras and more to decorate the entire place so as to reflect the bride’s personality and interest.

Travel themed
Travel themed


This one is basically a forest party where everyone arrives in bohemian themed attires. The decor consists of gold flatware, vintage plates, floral throw pillows and other such bohemian stuff.


Courtesy: PartyVapours


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