5 Amazing drinks to serve on your kid’s birthday

So, it’s your 8-year old’s birthday this weekend and you plan to throw a party for all his buddies. Done with all the other preps except the drinks? Confused as to what to serve to wow your guests? Here’s a list of some fun and easy drinks that you can serve at the party:


Why do we call it a mocktail? Well, you just have to use sparkling grape juice and make a simple fruit cocktail out of it. For this, place a piece of fruit like berries or apricots in the bottom of the glass, and then pour the sparkling grape juice onto it. Add an ice cube or two before serving.


Glow in the dark drink:

How on earth is it possible to serve such a drink? Exactly what you would be thinking right now, isn’t it? Hold on! You can amaze all the guests at your party by serving this drink made from tonic water. It consists of quinine, which when exposed to black light glows magically! So, add some fruit juice to your tonic water and serve it to all your guests. But don’t forget to turn the black light on to see the magical effect!

Glow in the dark
Glow in the dark

Ice cream floats:

This pretty and delicious party drink is super easy to make. Fill 3/4th of your milkshake glass with a soft drink that your kid likes and then add a scoop of ice cream to the top. You’ll see the fizz float like crazy!

Ice cream floats
Ice cream floats

Iced chocolate drink:

This is yet another drink to surprise the tiny tots at the party. You just need to add a bit of chocolate ice cream topping into a tall glass and then pour some chocolate milkshake. After that add some ice cubes. Place a big dollop of whipped cream and drizzle some chocolate chips or bars before serving it.

Iced chocolate drink
Iced chocolate drink

Candy apple punch:

All you need to make this beautiful party drink is a fruit juice and cinnamon sticks. Mix the two ingredients and you are ready with an interesting beverage.

Candy apple punch
Candy apple punch

Courtesy: PartyVapours



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