Gorgeous maang tikka designs that are sure head turners!

Indian bridal jewelry has long been known for its traditional essence and has been loved by the women around the globe. Be it the Kamarbandhs or the Maang Tikkas, an Indian bride adorns all these elegant pieces to add up to her glam quotient and woo everyone who is a part of her D-day. So, if you are getting married anytime soon, we are here to help you with a particular piece of Indian jewelry. We have bucketed up the best designs in maang tikkas especially for you:

Inline image 1Simple, multi-layered:

Apart from the simple, pendant type maang tikkas and the ones with a single layered Maatha Patti, there’s a style that you’ll love. It’s a multilayered Maang Tikka with additional layers of Maatha Patti attached to it. This style is simple yet gorgeous and best suits the brides with broad foreheads.



This is yet another style that women with big foreheads can opt for. Oversized maang tikkas are available in various styles such as chaand bali style, kundan or polki. Delicate stonework on this beautiful piece of jewelry imparts a drop-dead gorgeous look to the bride.



Borli is a name given to the traditional Rajasthani maang tikkas. are regal, traditional and denote a rich heritage of Marwari culture. These maang tikkas effortlessly denote a rich heritage of Marwari culture and are made up using diamonds, pearls and minakari. These maang tikkas are breathtakingly beautiful and add up to the beauty of the bride like nothing else.


Tiara styled:

This is a modernized version of the traditional maang tikka. It is the best option for the brides who want to keep their tresses open on their D-day.

Tiara style
Tiara style


This one is for the brides who wish to go minimal on jewelry yet make a statement with their ensemble. A statement maang tikka can effortlessly redefine your look.



This one is a traditional ornament from a Muslim bride’s ensemble. Jhoomar, also known as Paasa hangs on the left side of the forehead and gives that ever so royal look to the bride wearing it.


Go ahead and choose the best one to raise up the glam quotient on your D-day!

Courtesy: PartyVapours


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