Elegant five-minute hairdos for curly hair!

Women who have naturally curly hair may have a tough time styling their hair. Especially when it’s for a party, it is quite difficult to get them in place so as to look elegant. For all those curly haired beauties who are looking for easy last minute party hairdos, here’s a collection of the best ones:

Waterfall braid:

One of those hairstyles that look complex to be tried but is actually an easy one.  This hairstyle is sure to add up to the beauty of your gorgeous curls and hold up through the entire party.

Waterfall braid
Waterfall braid

Grecian Goddess updo:

This is an elegant updo where long, curly hair is gathered into a mid-level ponytail. Thereafter, all of the curls are wrapped and tucked. You can add up the glam quotient with a hair accessory of your choice.

Grecian Goddess updo
Grecian Goddess updo

Boho chic hairdo:

This one’s the simplest of all. You just have to wrap a chic boho headband around your hair and you’re done. It will not only tame your locks but will also give your curls that simple touch of elegance needed.


Braid-to-bun style:

This is yet another effortless yet elegant hairstyle. All you have to do is make two crown braids, one under another. Thereafter you have to add a twist underneath and pin everything.


Crown twist:

Start up by taking a small section of hair from one side of your head and twist it towards the back of your head in an upward direction. Once done, secure the twist to your head and repeat the process on the other side as well. You may leave some strands for a messier finish.

Crown twist
Crown twist

Low bun with a French braid:

This is a simply gorgeous combination of a French braid and a low chignon. Braid one side of your hair into a french tail toward the back of your hair. Once you’re done, roll it up into a low bun and add a beautiful piece of hair accessory.

French braid and a low bun
French braid and a low bun

Try out your favorite one for the next party you plan to throw!

Courtesy: PartyVapours


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