Tips and tricks to be a wonderful Thanksgiving host!

We are here to help you out with a stress-free planning for your Thanksgiving party.  Read on to know the best tricks to be a wonderful Thanksgiving party host:

Choose your dishes wisely:

In order to avoid all the hassle at the party, it’s advisable to create a menu consisting of dishes that can be made ahead. The last minute rush is the most stressful part of a meal. This can be easily avoided by choosing dishes that can be made ahead.

Avoid experimenting:

As a matter of fact, Thanksgiving is all about the classics. So, it’s advisable to stick with the tried-and-true in order to eliminate any chances of killing your guests with cooking disasters.

Invite those who will get along well:

The most important thing to keep in mind while throwing a Thanksgiving party is to create a guest list wisely. You would obviously want a pleasant get-together, so it’s imperative that you invite friends and family members who actually like one another and are sure to get along well.

Know your guests well:

When you send out invites to people, request them to let you know about their food preferences and restrictions. Many of our friends and family members are of various ethnic/religious backgrounds, hence the food restrictions. Also, there may be others with certain food allergies. Make sure that each and every guest is taken care of.

Set the table beforehand:

This is yet another trick that will eliminate all the hassle related to the party. Setting the table the night before, and putting out your serving vessels will save you a great amount of time and get things sorted for you in an effective manner.

Don’t hesitate to take help:

Instead of being overwhelmed and trying to handle every aspect of the celebration itself, ask for your friends or family members to volunteer in.  Handling the whole event alone will not let you enjoy the actual event. So, it’s advisable to split up the tasks and assign them to the people helping, so as to get them done easily and quickly.

Arrange drinks and appetizers:

Since it’s a Thanksgiving party, so, it needs not have a lot of appetizers. You can simply serve store bought crackers along with drinks. Stock up bottles of wine or any other drinks of your choice so that everyone has a drink in their hand.

Courtesy: PartyVapours


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