Tips and tricks to accentuate your bridal attire perfectly!

Once the bride-to-be is done shopping for her wedding dress, it’s time to head out in the search of the best possible ensembles. Though everything that’s needed to accentuate the bridal attire is important, jewelry should be the topmost priority as it has the potential to either bring out the best bridal look of yours or completely mar it. Here are the best hacks to that can help you choose just the  right piece of jewelry:

Let your skin tone decide:

As a matter of fact, different metals are meant for different skin tones. It’s all about choosing the correct metal and gemstones that compliment your skin tone. So, it’s advisable to try different options against your skin and seek for advice to choose the perfect piece of jewelry.

Skin tone
Skin tone

It’s all about the necklines:

Make it a point to shop for your wedding attire first and then search for jewelry that compliments. As a rule,  the necklace silhouette is supposed to be in accordance with the neckline so as to add up to its grace.


Consider the color of your attire:

In addition to the skin tone, the color of your dress too plays an important role in deciding what metal you should opt for. For instance, silver and diamonds go with white, gold compliments ivory and so on.


Invest in detachable jewelry:

Detachable jewelry comes with a user-friendly mechanism such that one can modify it as per convenience. Some examples of multi-purpose jewelry are wedding necklaces that can be transformed into beautiful pendants and smaller delicate necklaces for all the other post-wedding occasions.

Detachable jewelry
Detachable jewelry

Don’t go overboard:

Brides may be overwhelmed about the most special day of their life. However, wearing loads of jewelry may just make you feel uncomfortable the most important day of your life. So, it’s advisable to adorn just as much as is needed.

Correct amount
Correct amount

Hope these tips help you to look your perfect self on the most important day of your life!

Courtesy: PartyVapours


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