Exotic mojito recipes​ for your summer party!

Entertaining your guests in summer parties requires less of entertainment and food and more of exotic, refreshing drinks or cocktails. When it comes to inculcating innovation into a party, mojitos are the best option. So, if you are planning a party anytime soon, we have the best mojito recipes for you:

Classic mojito:

This is the unadulterated form of a mojito. It is a concoction of fresh mint, rum, fresh lime juice and club soda.The ingredients used, make up for the ever so classic combination.

Classic mojito
Classic mojito

Strawberry rhubarb mojito:

The two main ingredients of this blush pink mojito are strawberry jam and rhubarb syrup. All you need to do is combine required proportions of jam, syrup, ice and club soda and mix them. Once done, you can serve the mojito after garnishing it with mint leaves.

Strawberry rhubarb mojito
Strawberry rhubarb mojito

Cucumber mojito:

Cucumber adds up to the freshness of a classic mojito. Just add that perfect quantity of rum to the classic mojito and toss in some cucumber slices right before the party starts and you are all set to roll.

Cucumber mojito
Cucumber mojito

Raspberry mojito:

Raspberry mojito is a mojito with a twist. Infused with the tangy taste of raspberries, it’s sure to set your guests’ taste buds longing for more and more of it. You just need to put a quartered lime, a teaspoon of caster sugar and some mint leaves into a glass and press them to squeeze out the flavor. Once done, add a shot of rum, ice cubes, and soda.

Raspberry mojito
Raspberry mojito

Grilled pineapple mojito:

This one’s for those who love that smokey flavor. You need a caramelized grilled pineapple, honey and other basic ingredients required to make a mojito. This tropical treat is just the perfect thing to serve at a summer party.

Grilled pineapple mojito
Grilled pineapple mojito

Basil and lychee mojito:

For the ones who do not like mint and rum, this mojito is a perfect choice.This alternative mojito calls for gin, fresh basil, and a little lychee juice. Toss in lots of ice cubes and serve it to your guests to earn those extra points.

Basil lychee mojito
Basil lychee mojito

So, which one would you try out at your next party?

Courtesy: PartyVapours


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