Here’s how you smartly cut down on your party planning expenses

Are you planning to throw a party anytime soon? Want to learn the art of saving on your party preparations? Read on:

Start up with the guest list:

If possible, trim down the number of guests you’ll be inviting. Once you’ve decided on your guest list, it’s the time for invitations. The best way of saving money on party invites is replacing the age old paper invitations with online evites. There are a number of online platforms that can be used to create customized party invitations. Once created, you can simply share these innovative invites with the ones you want to.

Trimming guest list
Trimming guest list

Opt for DIY decor:

You can save a lot by throwing the party at your own apartment if possible. Also, instead of spending on fancy ready-made decorational stuff, you can try DIY stuff. Leverage online party decor DIY tutorials for the same. Surprisingly, homemade decors won’t require anything more than the regular stuff that you use at home like scrapbook paper, card stock, candles, decorative flower pots and even fruits.

DIY party decor
DIY party decor

Skip disposables:

Yes, you can actually skip spending on disposables. Instead, you can use whatever crockery you have at home. In case you do not have enough of matching sets, you can go for a mix and match technique or even borrow some of it from your friends. If possible, plan a party that doesn’t require a full meal. Have an appetizer party. Prepare an assortment of traditional crowd favorites like mozzarella sticks, crock pot dips, meatballs, and bread sticks. Instead of serving full portions of desserts, feature several mini-dessert options.


Save on meal:

There are a number of ways of saving on meals. You can have an appetizer party and serve an assortment of traditional favorites like crock pot dips, and bread sticks. Another way of saving on food is cooking at home. Keep your menu simple yet interesting. Also, instead of serving full portions of desserts, you can feature several mini-dessert options so that your guests do not have it all at once.


Let your friends pitch in:

If your friends want to help, let them. Having a potluck kind of party can actually help save a lot on your party expenses. You can simply ask your guests to bring their favorite dish or a dish. This would not only help save money but would also diversify the menu. Similarly, you can even ask them to bring their own favorite beverage.


All these tips and tricks will help you throw an awesome party and that too by saving more than spending!

Courtesy: PartyVapours


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