All you need to be a good guest!

So, a new friend of yours has invited you to a party at his apartment. You want to create a good impression. Here’s your guide to essential party etiquettes that’ll help you be a good guest:

Courtesy call:

Well, the very first thing you do after receiving an invitation is thanking your friend for inviting you. So, just call him up and offer to help with preparations. You can even ask if you can pitch in and if you are allowed to, do it without failing.

Do not tag your friends along:

Well, this is a lesser known etiquette. An invitation with just your name means it’s just you who’s invited. So, don’t just bring in your friends or your family member to the party.

Arrive on time and with a present:

This is the most important etiquette for a guest to follow. Timely arrival makes the guest feel valued. However, avoid arriving early as the host may be busy making last minute preparations. It’s advisable to reach 10-15 minutes after the party starts. Also, make it a point to carry a present along with you.

Know when to share your food preferences:

It’s advisable not to mention dietary needs to your host if you are invited to a large party. However, you can let your host know about your food preferences if it’s a small dinner party.

Learn how to mingle:

You may be an introvert by nature but parties are meant to socialize, right?So, it’s important that you learn how to open up to others and not always wait for them to initiate a conversation.  On the other hand, if you are an extrovert, don’t just go crazy socializing. Rein in your enthusiasm so that others do not get uncomfortable.

Avoid indulging in negative conversations:

When you’re a guest in someone’s home, it’s rude to indulge into negative talks about anyone.  Parties are meant for relaxing and taking a break from everyday routine and not for all this.

Bidding goodbye:

Don’t just skip out too early or too late. Know the right time to leave and bid a goodbye to your host before leaving. Also, express your gratitude towards him.

That’s all you need to be a good guest!

Courtesy: PartyVapours


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