Here’s how you can get those perfect bridal nails

While major attention is paid to skin care and hair care, nail care also needs to be paid special attention when it comes to getting prepared for the D-day. A bride is supposed to be the centre of attraction on the most special day of her life, so everything from the top her head to the tip of her toe needs to be perfect. Especially her hands that’ll be adorning the beautiful wedding ring and accepting greetings from all those who are a part of the occasion. Here’s a list of the best nail care tips to get those perfect bridal nails:

Mend your habits:

In case you have a habit, give it up at once. This is because nail biting leaves your nails looking ugly. If you just can’t help it, try using a nail-biting nail polish. Being bitter, these keep you from chewing your nails, thus letting them grow properly.

Nail biting
Nail biting

Eat healthily:

More than the outer care it is the internal care that is more beneficial. So, it’s advisable to include vitamins and minerals into your diet at least two months out. Also consider including foods rich in protein, iron, and zinc into your diet so as to fasten nail growth and strengthen them.

Foods good for nails
Foods good for nails

Invest in manicures:

This is a must and should start at least 6 months prior to the wedding. In order to avoid cracked, dehydrated or chipped nails on your D-day, consider investing in quality manicures and pampering your nails so that they look impeccable on the most awaited day of your life.


Indulge into a healthy nail regime:

It’s all about taking care of your hands and nails by exfoliating twice a week and wearing sunscreen on your hands. Also, massaging your hands with a good massage cream and using oils high in fatty acids, antioxidants and nutrients will promote healthy nail growth.

Hand massage
Hand massage

Make use of nail strengthening polish:

A nail strengthening polish helps strengthen your nails and grow them faster.

Nail strengthening polish
Nail strengthening polish

Following all these tips will help you have those perfect bridal nails on your D-day. Go for it!
Courtesy: PartyVapours


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