Power packed finger foods that won’t mess up your D-day makeup!

It takes hours of patience and hard work to acquire that drop dead gorgeous look for your D-day. But what if you start getting those hunger cramps while you are getting dolled up? You obviously wouldn't want all your patience smudge away with those eatables. Also, staying hungry is not an option! Don't worry, here's… Continue reading Power packed finger foods that won’t mess up your D-day makeup!


Shoo away all the D-day blunders with your bridal emergency kit!

It's no brainer that wedding day is the most special day of a bride's life. Every woman has this urge of making it a perfect one. But you never know what may ruin all those intense efforts and when that happens, it would be no use crying over the spilled milk. So, it's better to… Continue reading Shoo away all the D-day blunders with your bridal emergency kit!

Fun food games to lighten up your house party!

Food games at your house party this weekend? Hell yeah! What else would a foodie want? Food games can actually set the mood at your party and them all rolling over with laughter! These games are not only entertaining but also make up for some hilarious Instagram and Snap chat stories! Here are the best… Continue reading Fun food games to lighten up your house party!

How to choose the best catering service for your wedding?

Wedding for some is a glitzy occasion and for others, it's an intimate affair. Either ways, a lot is at stake at such a prestigious event and food is an inevitable element. What you choose to feed your guests with, needs to be exceptional and soul-satisfying as they'll be having it's memory for the rest of their lives.

Power packed foods to help you stay energetic on your D-day

Are you gonna be a bride anytime soon? Well, then you need to know this! You are going to feel a number of emotions simultaneously. As the day starts, all your appointments are going to be done. Your designer, hair stylist and make up artist are going to keep you busy. All this hassle may… Continue reading Power packed foods to help you stay energetic on your D-day

Let all your pre-wedding stress fade away

The only thought that you are going to get married soon is enough to give you an adrenaline rush, every now and then! Adding up to this there is this overwhelming emotion when you just can't decide what to choose and what not to! Wedding preparations are exciting and exhausting at the same time. One's… Continue reading Let all your pre-wedding stress fade away

Top wedding photography myths busted!

Wedding photography is amongst the most loved professions these days. The profession has gained insane popularity over all these years and as a result lead to the generation of numerous myths related to it. Now, if you are all set to take your nuptial vows anytime soon, you need to differentiate facts from fiction. That's… Continue reading Top wedding photography myths busted!

Style your beard sassy this party season!

Beard symbolizes masculinity and is a descriptor of age and knowledge in numerous cultures. Apart from this, it is a man's favourite accessory and styling it is more of a craze! Also, the beard styles have evolved over years. We've seen all sorts of styles, from the wildest ones to the most decent ones! Be… Continue reading Style your beard sassy this party season!

Your guide to a hassle free bridal shower

So, your best friend just got engaged and now you plan to honour her with a shower. Too excited about the event? But, wait a second! Do you know what and how you are supposed to do it? Not sure? No problem. Read on to know how exactly it's supposed to be done. Budget comes… Continue reading Your guide to a hassle free bridal shower

All you need to know about hosting a housewarming party

So, you have finally moved into your new house and are ready to invite your friends and neighbours! It's a good idea but are you aware of the housewarming party etiquette as a host? Not sure? Don't worry, we are here to help you out with the same. Here's a list of all that needs… Continue reading All you need to know about hosting a housewarming party