Cool gift ideas to delight your sister this Raksha Bandhan!

So, Raksha Bandhan is almost here! For those who are not familiar with the occasion, it’s a traditional Indian festival. Every year, on this auspicious occasion, sisters tie a sacred thread called ‘Rakhi’ around their brother’s wrist. Rakhi symbolizes the bond of protection and the brothers promise their sisters that they will protect them under all circumstances. Sisters are showered with gifts and blessings on this special day. But it’s not that easy to choose that perfect gift! So, here’s a guide to help with the same:

Stuffed toys:

Well, a girl is never too old for stuff toys. Especially if you have a kid sister, you can surprise her with huggable teddy bears and other stuffed toys. You can even gift her school accessories like backpack, lunchboxes and other such stuff with her favorite characters on them.

Stuffed toys
Stuffed toys


This one is for the gadget freaks. If your sister is more into tech stuff, consider gifting her a gadget of her choice if that fits your budget. You can even go for the latest phone apps on this auspicious occasion. Alternatively, you can gift her chic, designer or fancy mobile, laptop and tablet accessories.

Gadget covers
Gadget covers


Most of the girls are quite fond of jewelry. If your sister likes them too, you can gift her designer jewelry or the one she wanted to have for long. However, you do not have to go for authentic, heavy designer jewelry. You can buy her a pair of silver trinkets, a simple gold pendant. If this is too high for your budget, you can choose from a variety of statement neckpieces, earrings, handcuffs etc. that she can wear casually too.



A woman may have closets full of dresses and footwear but she’ll never be satisfied with them. So, what you can do is, browse through a variety of dresses and footwears and order the ones that would match her taste. Not quite familiar with her taste? No problem, take her out for shopping instead!



All girls are fond of fashion accessories. Be it a stylish handbag or a set of designer scarves or sunglasses, you have a number of choices.



A woman, no matter at whatever age has that thing for cosmetics! You can either ask her about her favorite brand of cosmetics or gift her a kit of your choice. You may find various exciting combos of makeup kits, grooming kits online.


So, what are you going to gift your sister this Raksha Bandhan?

Courtesy: PartyVapours


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