Cutesy party favor ideas for your munchkin’s birthday!

So, it’s the time to celebrate your munchkin’s birthday. You are all set for the party. Everything on your birthday party checklist has been knocked off. From venue to decor to food to drinks to games, all preparations have been made. Soon  all your cute, chirpy guests would arrive with gifts for your little one. Of course he deserves a gift on this special day but you too would feel like showing gratitude for all the love they shower, isn’t it? Well, that means, you would need to shop for some coolest party favors for all those little angels. Let us help you with that:


“I don’t like bubbles”, said no child ever! This is the simplest and most inexpensive thing to give away as a party favor.


Customized coloring books:

These can be given away as favors if you are throwing a theme party. Choose coloring books complimenting your party theme. You can further customize these books with the kids’ names.

Coloring books
Coloring books

Photo booth:

Well, well, it’s not the photo booth that you’d be giving away! What you can do is put up a photo booth at the venue with all those crazy props like crowns, hats, glasses and more. Now let the tiny tots pose with those fun props and get all those stills printed.  When the party is over, give away these photographs as a great memory along with some cute notes.

Photo booth
Photo booth


Miniature lunch boxes:

You can’t go wrong with these miniature versions of cute and colorful lunch boxes. You can fill these mini lunch boxes with all the interesting stuff that kids would be fascinated about. Cookies or candies or beads or jewels, whatever you feel like, fill it up to show your gratitude in the cutest way possible.

Mini lunch boxes
Mini lunch boxes

Play-Doh party bag:

This one’s a solid way of boosting kids’ creativity. They can mould it into whatever they imagine.

Play Doh
Play Doh

Which one is your favorite of all these?

Courtesy: PartyVapours



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