Your guide to dressing up for a cocktail party!

Surprisingly there’s a set of rules that needs to be followed while dressing up for a cocktail party. Well, nobody tells you that but we are here to tell you the most important rules regarding the same. Read on:

The length and fabric:

It’s advisable to keep your cocktail dress short and a little flirty. As far as the fabric is concerned, satin or silk is preferable as these give a formal feel.  In case the cocktail party is more of an informal affair, you may opt for a simpler smart/casual dress work.

Satin dress
Satin dress

Trousers and skirts:

Though dresses are mostly preferred for such events, there’s no hard and fast rule that only dresses are to be worn to such parties. You can switch to a pair of polished trousers or a smart and classy skirt. Consider creating a mix and match combo with a skirt and a printed blouse. However, you need to ensure that your hemline is not too short or inappropriate.



Overdoing this part may make you look weird at the party. It’s advisable to accessorise your attire with a statement necklace or a pair of statement earrings.

Statement jewelry
Statement jewelry

Dress seasonally:

Your choice of color should be according to the season. For instance, go for a romantic pink or soft pastel during spring season and if it’s summer time, go bold in something bright.


Replace handbag with a clutch:

Instead of carrying a huge and pricey handbag or tote bag, go for a clutch or a mini shoulder bag. It would give you a classy and more refined look.

Hand clutch
Hand clutch

Step into your best shoes:

If you have a pair of shoes that you’ve wished to wear for an event like this, you can create an outfit around it. In case, you’ve already decided your outfit, be very careful while choosing your footwear as it may either make your break your party look.


Now, that you know all these rules, you are all set for the party! Go ahead!

Courtesy: PartyVapours


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