Quick and easy party hairstyles for long hair

There’s no need to chop off your beautiful tresses just to look chic and raise up the glam quotient at your friend’s party. There are a lot of sassy hairstyles that can add up to the beauty of your elegant dress and ensemble and make you look drop dead gorgeous. Read on to discover the coolest hairstyles for long hair:

Sleek ponytail:

This quick and easy hairstyle is quite simple and looks stylish. Start up by parting your hair to the side with a paddle brush. Once, you’re done, pull your hair into a sleek ponytail at the nape and tie it with a rubber band.

Sleek ponytail
Sleek ponytail

Milkmaid braids:

You can adorn this hairstyle with your cute fit and flare dress this summer. All you have to do is separate your hair into two sections and then braid each section. Once done, wrap them across your head one by one and pin tightly. Use hairspray to set in any loose hair.

Milkmaid braids
Milkmaid braids

Half ponytail:

Confused as to whether you should tie your hair or let it down? Stress no more. Here’s a hairdo that combines both the styles and lets you slay it like a boss. Tie a small ponytail and pin it on the crown of your head and you are all set to go!

Half ponytail
Half ponytail

Side bun:

You can go for this extremely simple yet elegant hairdo when you do not have much time to get ready but want to look chic. Just part your hair right in the middle and make a ponytail at one side. Thereafter, take a small section of your ponytail and pin it up with a bobby pin after twisting. Repeat the process for all the other sections so as to form a bun. You can then accentuate it with pretty hair accessories.

Side bun
Side bun

Loose messy curls:

This is the best hairdo for all your night parties. All you need is a comb and a pair of curling tongs. Take small sections of your hair and start curling them with the help of the tongs. use hair spray to keep them in place for a longer time.

Loose messy curls
Loose messy curls

So, which one would you go for this weekend?

Courtesy: PartyVapours


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