Your guide to that perfect “haldi ceremony” look!

Indian weddings may have modernized over all these years but the roots remain intact. All the rituals and pre-wedding ceremonies are still carried out with great joy. The haldi ceremony is one such ritual that is a part of an Indian wedding. It is said that haldi or turmeric that plays a vital role in this ceremony has the… Continue reading Your guide to that perfect “haldi ceremony” look!


5 tips to look picture perfect on your Mehendi ceremony:

The beautiful mehendi ceremony marks the beginning of a new phase in the would-be couple's life. Since it is a very special day for the bride as well as the groom, so, everything related to it should be exceptional. Who doesn't want to be the centre of attraction on such a joyous day of his/… Continue reading 5 tips to look picture perfect on your Mehendi ceremony: