Fun food games to lighten up your house party!

Food games at your house party this weekend? Hell yeah! What else would a foodie want? Food games can actually set the mood at your party and them all rolling over with laughter! These games are not only entertaining but also make up for some hilarious Instagram and Snap chat stories! Here are the best… Continue reading Fun food games to lighten up your house party!


5 Clever tips to engage the guests at your wedding reception!

So your wedding reception venue is all set to amaze the guests. You've made sure that everything from the location to decor to seating arrangement is the best! But is it going to entertain your guests whole night long? Well, they surely won't spend the whole night admiring all the arrangements. You need to make… Continue reading 5 Clever tips to engage the guests at your wedding reception!

Make your mehendi ceremony an unforgettable experience!

Pre-wedding¬†ceremonies hold a great significance in Indian weddings as they mark the beginning of a new phase in a couple's life. All these ceremonies are more of festivities where all the family members, friends, and relatives gather and enjoy. Mehendi ceremony is one of those pre-wedding ceremonies that's full of fun, entertainment, delicacies and much… Continue reading Make your mehendi ceremony an unforgettable experience!

That’s how you throw a fab masquerade party

There's something magical about the masquerade parties. These parties are all about being masked in mystery and draped in decadence.The perfect masquerade party consists of some magical elements, let's see what they are: Budget: As we always say, everything from the venue to decor to food to entertainment should be decided only after considering your… Continue reading That’s how you throw a fab masquerade party

Top 5 games to keep your guests engaged

Party won't be a party if your guests feel bored! Apart from food, beverages, and music, you should also plan activities that keep your guests engaged. Fun activities at your party can actually help liven up your party and provide you and your guests tons of laughs and memories. We have put up a list… Continue reading Top 5 games to keep your guests engaged